Commercial Glass Interior




Commercial Glass Interior

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Commercial Glass Interior

Architectural building design has the latest trend: the use of interior glass in office buildings and other workplaces. By using glass walls, panels, and doors, Pro Shower Doors Calgary helps open offices to more natural light and invites clients into your business with its unique and upscale look and feel. Traditional walls can create barriers in the workplace, while a commercial glass interior invites collaboration and a community-like feeling. With glass wall panels and doors, the atmosphere of the office feels more connected. Instead of your employees feeling trapped in a closed-in space, using interior glass makes the area appear more extensive. You will notice an improvement in workplace dynamics and communication by allowing natural light to enter and suffuse the workplace. Not to mention, it offers a modern and space-saving design as commercial glass interiors take up less space. Contact Pro Shower Doors Calgary today to start!

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Commercial Glass Interior

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Repair & Installation

Custom Aluminum Storefronts

Custom aluminum storefronts are popular. They are used on the lower building floors, with vertical spans that are often only a single story in height but can span even more than one story. Custom aluminum storefronts are 10-12 feet in size, but with a deeper storefront, you can use up to 14 feet in height. But custom aluminum storefronts by Pro Shower Doors Calgary are generally only 2 inches deep or less. A storefront comprises commercial windows and entrances but is not a load-bearing structure. Storefronts are less expensive than curtain walls, and Pro Shower Doors Calgary can fabricate on-site for convenience. And a custom storefront is usually a lower price. They also reduce sound transmission and have a speedier installation. When rainwater infiltrates a storefront, they use sill flashing to direct moisture through weep holes. Ask Pro Shower Doors Calgary how a custom aluminum storefront can improve your business.

Commercial Windows & Storefront Doors

If you are looking to upgrade your commercial space, commercial windows and storefront doors are an excellent investment that will last between 20-30 years. Commercial windows allow potential customers to window shop your wares. They are usually made with transparent glass that is tempered, which is more expensive than regular annealed glass. Also, it costs more to build commercial windows and storefront doors. Because complex machinery is used to reach high areas, and it takes longer to complete the job. For installing a storefront door, it takes Pro Shower Doors Calgary between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the skill level of the installer. A  solid aluminum door can last 60 years with proper upkeep and maintenance, but you will see a return on your investment as they will keep more heat in the building, thus lowering energy bills. Let Pro Shower Doors Calgary save you money today!

Repair or Replace Glass Wall or Section

If you are deciding between repairing or replacing a glass wall or section, remember that a glass repair is more economical than a complete glass replacement. If your glass has a minor crack or chip, a glass repair may be all you need. Our Pro Shower Doors Calgary specialists can fill in these cracks and chips. This restores the glass’s appearance and structural integrity. Make sure you fix any damages before the situation worsens. But as much as you may hope that all you need is a repair, it is more likely that you need a replacement. Glass cracks worsen over time, so the sooner you call us, the more likely we’ll be able to save you the cost of a full replacement. If there is a visible hole through the pane of glass, it needs replacing. Contact Pro Shower Doors Calgary, and we’ll have your glass restored to new.



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