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Glass Realign Calgary

Glass structures offer a modern and unique aesthetic. Whether it’s a railing or shower, glass offers a variety of benefits including structural integrity and low maintenance. If you have a glass railing or shower enclosure, you may have noticed that the alignment is subtly coming undone. Don’t worry! This is a perfectly normal phenomenon. With time, gravity takes its toll on even the sturdiest structures. However, it’s a good idea to get it adjusted. Realign your glass railings and shower enclosure in Calgary with Pro Shower Doors!

The realignment process is a simple one. Although, it requires precision and careful manipulation. Our professional glass workers will realign your glass carefully and properly – Calgary. This way, you enjoy a perfectly aligned glass structure for a longer period of time. You trust Pro Shower Doors with all of your glass railing, shower enclosure services from design and installation to adjustments and realignment services. So realign your glass today with Calgary’s best glass workers.


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We make and install custom glass railing in Calgary!

Frameless Glass Railing

Have you ever had the pleasure of being on a balcony with a frameless glass railing? With the transparent barrier the view is much broader and more encompassing. It gives you a sensation of freedom while simultaneously providing you with a safety barrier. If you’re thinking of installing a railing, we highly recommend looking into frameless glass railings. Glass is strong, long lasting and requires very little maintenance!

At Pro Shower Doors, we offer expert frameless glass railing services. Our professional glass workers will work with you to design, create and install the ideal frameless glass railing for your property. Our team has access to the latest glass cutting technology. And we have been manufacturing and installing glass structures for over 10 years! We’ll help you turn your vision into a reality with you from start to finish. Because at Pro Shower Doors, your satisfaction is our priority.

Glass Railing Indoor

Railings play an important role in maintaining a safe environment. In staircases, they serve as a protective barrier that stops you from taking an unnecessary and potentially harmful fall. While the purpose of a railing is for your safety, there is an artistic element to it as well. Indoor glass railing offer an elegant and modern look while also providing a solid and protective barrier.

At Pro Shower Doors, we offer professional glass railing design, manufacturing and installation services. Our professional team will handle everything from start to finish. We’ll arrive with all of the materials, tools and equipment to set up your indoor glass railing. Our professional glass workers will install your railing with speed and precision. Giving your railing that gorgeous finish. And of course we’ll take every precaution to ensure that nothing in your property gets damaged in the installation process and we’ll clean everything up after the job is complete.

High Quality Calgary Glass Railing

A glass railing is a modern, luxurious and low maintenance alternative to wood, metal or brick. Unlike traditional materials, our luxurious glass railing will compliment modern decor. Moreover, our toughened glass railing are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. however

Low Maintenance

Glass balustrades are low maintenance. The toughened glass we use is easy to clean, and unlike wood or metal is weather, mould and stain resistant. Our domestic & commercial glass balustrades are long lasting and stay looking like new. Although traditional glass is timeless, you may also add colour, light (and fun) to a room.

We Take of Everything

At Glass Pro Install Solutions we offer a complete end to end service from design to quotation to full installation. We can also consult with your architect, contractors or tradesmen to get the best results for your railings project. Framed safety rails will create a neat, completed look while frameless has a modern feel – preferred by many.

Glass Staircases

With a team of experienced and highly skilled Calgary Glass Railing team, we are committed to providing a premium service where attention to detail is everything. Time and budget expectations are paramount, so we provide a fully tailored service to suit each specific project.

Glass Deck Fence

Adding glass fence to your deck not only raises the level of safety for outdoor spaces, but it is a wonderfully stylish feature of the modern designer home. We have a range of options that can be adapted to your property, depending on what you’re looking for.

Stylish Glass Railing Calgary

We provide glass railings in Calgary, glass railings in Okotoks, and glass railings in Airdrie and other locations. No matter where you are in the city, all you have to do is give us a call and our professional installers will reach out to you in a day or two, or as required.



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