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When most people think of using glass in their homes, they usually think of the bathroom. After all, glass shower doors, tub enclosures and more are trendy. But bathrooms aren’t the only rooms where glass might be the right choice. Our glass backsplash options have been growing in popularity lately, and we’re seeing more and more installed. It’s a modern, slightly different option that’s also easy to clean. If you’re not sure what kind of tile you want for your new kitchen, maybe you don’t need tile at all! So read on, and find out more about what glass backsplashes are, and what you could do with them. Glass Backsplash Calgary  however


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Full Height Glass Backsplash

If you want drama in your kitchen, there’s nothing that can compare to a full height glass backsplash! With no seams or grout lines in sight, there’s nothing to distract from your chosen design. Not to mention that your walls will be protected all the way up! Glass Backsplash Calgary

Half Height Glass Backsplash

If a full height glass backsplash is too much for you, or your budget, half height is another option. Cover the wall between your counter and your upper cabinets with crisp, clean, modern glass. Muted, bright or something else, it can really put your stamp on your kitchen.

Six Inch Splash

If neither a full nor a half height backsplash will work for you, a six-inch splash might. In fact, you could combine a bright colored six-inch glass splash with a plain tile for a completely unique look. Everything is possible, so let your imagination go! Glass Backsplash Calgary

Color Glass Backsplash

Glass backsplashes are a great way to add colour to a room, while keeping your walls easy to clean. Special paint processes are used to apply colour to the side of the backsplash that goes against the wall. So, you get clean, clear, perfect color that will never chip, fade, or crack.

Mirror Glass Backsplash

If colour isn’t your thing, maybe a mirror glass backsplash is the right choice. Whether you choose a simple, modern mirror, an antique version or something else. It’s unexpected, elegant, and different. Perfect for your dream kitchen. therefore

Safe and High Quality

If you choose a glass backsplash, make sure you have it manufactured and installed by professionals like us. The right kind of glass, careful manufacturing and safe, professional installation are important. Our glass backsplash options are high quality, safe for your home, and will stand the test of time.



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