10 tips to keep your shower glass clean

10 tips to keep your shower glass clean

10 tips to keep your shower glass clean

Pro Shower Doors brings you 10 tips to keep your shower glass clean which you can use to easily keep your glass doors clean.

So, you have just installed glass doors in your shower, but need to know how to keep them clean? This is a common issue, as we all want our glass shower doors to look great and last for a long time. People usually opt to buy expensive cleaning solutions or try other methods to clean their shower doors. However, they sometimes can’t afford such solutions or other DIY methods don’t really work. Read more to learn some useful cleaning tips and tricks for your glass shower doors.

Check out 10 Tips to Keep Your Shower Glass Clean:

Keeping Cleaning Schedule 

When it comes to keeping a cleaning schedule for your shower glass, there is generally no rule book to follow. But, for glass doors you can either clean them once a day or after every shower. This way you won’t find any hard water spots or mildew built on your glass doors.

Shower Glass Cleaning Essentials

It’s basically a good practice to keep essential cleaning tools in your bathroom for keeping your shower glass clean. Make sure you have a squeegee or microfiber cloth, Scrub Sponge, Spray Bottle and DIY glass cleaner for cleaning.

Easy Cleaning Process 

Glass shower doors look like they need a lot of cleaning, but they don’t really do. You can maintain their shine and attractiveness without taking a lot of your time. Start by washing the glass with plain water and wiping it once with a squeegee.

Using Gentle Cleaners 

You should always avoid using abrasive cleaners (ammonia or bleach) directly on glass doors and stick with more gentler products. In addition, hard cleaning solutions for shower doors tend to leave scratches on glass surfaces.

Using Vinegar + Water 

Vinegar can be easily found in your kitchen. Just mix equal parts vinegar and water and spray it on the glass surface. After that, let it sit for an hour or two and wipe it with wet cloth or rinse with plain water.

Using Liquid dish soap + water

When it comes to keeping your shower glass clean, this might be the handiest cleaning solution you can make. Just mix enough water with liquid dish soap and scrub with a scrubber or a squeegee. Rinse the glass with plain water and let it dry.

Using Rubber Gloves 

If you are using any store-bought product or even DIY cleaner, always wear rubber gloves as cleaners can irritate your skin.

Proper Ventilation

Vinegar has a very strong smell, and you should always dilute it before use. And if you plan to use it for cleaning glass doors make sure your bathroom is well ventilated (before and after).

Using a Different Cleaning Approach

There can be certain water stains or spots that are too hard to deal with. In such situations, you can try using different cleaning tools or solutions for your glass shower door. You can always use a combination of liquid dish wash with vinegar for tougher stains or even lemon with water for light cleaning.

Everyday Cleaning

One of the easier and handy cleaning hacks would be to clean your shower doors with a squeegee or a clean towel after every shower. This way when it’s time for a deep cleaning of your shower doors, you won’t have too much to do.

Moreover, if your shower is accumulating a lot of soap scum, you can always try changing your soap or even switching to liquid shower soap.

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Cleaning framed glass shower doors can be a bit time consuming. You will have to let the cleaning solution sit overnight depending on how bad the stains are. You can always go for frameless glass doors by Pro Shower Doors which will make your glass cleaning task a lot easier. We are certified sliding shower door installers in Calgary providing frameless, semi-frameless, framed and even custom designed glass shower doors. Our years of experience enable us to design a shower door that meets your bathroom’s unique measurements.

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